We do not only create and produce threading tools from the blank completely new, but we also regrind your tools with original geometries and, if necessary, re-coat them with the original or a better coating to give your tool a new shine and increase the tool life time, so that you can keep your tool costs as low as possible. 

We do not only offer you a complete sharpening and regrinding service, but also take over the repair and reconditioning of damaged tools - where it makes economic sense. Also for these services, the rebuilding and resharpening of used tools - whether from our own production or from other manufacturers - we only need a few days.



We also offer numerous other wage work:

Regrinding Service

Maintenance, regrinding, sharpening

Sharpening of taps

Sharpening if cutting dies 

Sharpening of milling cutters

Reworking of taps

Corrections, revisions

Shortening the lead-in chamfer
Lengthening the lead-in chamfer
Exposing the thread teeth 
chamfering the thread end 
Tap extension 
Grind the peel cut 
Change rake angle 
Grinding the centre point

Modifications of cutting dies

Repairs, adjustments, further development

Slotting (Form A) 
Fine Lapping

External threads of all types (cylindrical and conical)

Thread grinding technology


Forming taps 

Thread milling cutters 

Thread plug gauges 

Thread Rolling

Threaded spindles 

Worm shafts 

all special parts with external thread 

  • External thread diameter: min. 0,9 mm, max. 400 mm
  • Thread length to be grinded max. 800 mm (clamping length max. 1000 mm)


Wage work

Ball tracks 
Gear tooth systems 
Eroding electrodes 
Spray cores etc.

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