Holding Tools

Tool holder for manual operation of taps. The holders allow sufficient torque to be applied to the taps and dies to cut a thread by hand.

Tap wrenches

Adjustable operating tools made of zinc die-cast or steel with knurled handles for holding square shank taps. 

One handle can be unscrewed to cut threads in hard-to-reach areas. By turning the other handle, the tap jaws can be opened and closed to clamp the tap.



Die stocks

Operating tools made of zinc die-cast or steel for the manual use of round dies. Die holders according to DIN EN 22568 (DIN 225) are suitable for slotted and closed dies.

The round die is placed in the die holder by tightening the outer screws in the holder. The holder can be used on both sides.



Ratchet tap holder

Operating tools with ratchet in short and long version for taps with square shank. 

The chuck can be opened and closed to clamp the tap and can be set to clockwise and anti-clockwise rotation by using the lever on the chuck.



Extensions for taps

Square extensions according to DIN 377 with hardened outer and inner squares. The extensions have the same square dimension inside and outside. 






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